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NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course:


In the concealed carry permit qualifications class you will receive instruction in firearms safety, safe firearms storage, pistol mechanisms, revolver parts and operation, semi-automatic pistol parts and operation, operating double and single action revolvers, operating double and single action semi-automatic pistols, fundamentals of ammunition, pistol shooting positions, clearing common pistol stoppages, pistol cleaning and maintenance, plus much more.


John has over 30 years of firearms experience and has used just about every type of concealed carry holster. He will tell you what works and what will not.


You will participate in live firing exercises to give you the confidence of knowing you are a trained and safe handgun shooter.


Why Premier Firearms Training Academy?

John specializes in training shooters with little or no experience, and his unique style of instruction will not embarrass you in any way. You will learn in a friendly, respectful atmosphere.






John D. Compton,

Certified Instructor


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