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NRA Basic shotgun skills will include:  knowing your shotgun, how your shotgun works, ammunition, selecting a shotgun , safety—your responsibility, caring for your shotgun, basic shooting skills, the fundamentals of shotgun shooting, firing your first shots, and much more.  Learn about single shot, double barrels, pumps, and semi-automatics




NRA Basic Rifle shooting instruction will include rifle parts and how they work, ammunition, using your rifle safely, taking care of your rifle, the fundamentals of rifle shooting, firing your first shots, rifle shooting positions, using the shotgun as a rifle, and much more. 








Basic M-16, AR-15, and M-4 instructions.  We will hold special classes of instruction on this famous black rifle.  We will teach you to safely handle and shoot this rifle to defend your family or home.  We will provide all firearms and ammunition.  You will shoot an M-4 with open sites, an AR-15 with scope, and an AR-15 with an Eotech site with a magnifier.  This class will be conducted on the range, and we will show you how to correctly field strip and clean this great American firearm.  We provide eye and ear protection.   Check our schedule or call for dates.  This is an advanced class, and not an NRA-approved course.




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